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Jazz the Alchemist

Jazz the Alchemist

After completing my BA hons Designer Maker at the University of Brighton, in 2016. I have been working as an artist practitioner and Glass tutor.

I am drawn to glass by its very nature and it’s interaction with light and colour, a material that is soft yet hard, strong yet fragile. I enjoy allowing the process to influence each piece, like an Alchemist, changing the material to create a final outcome.

My work is inspired by powerful emotions, from the beauty of the natural world to the interconnections of life. Colour and texture are continual themes within my work.

Warm-glass uses a number of different processes including fusing, slumping and casting, all involve heating the glass within a kiln to around 800C. I run classes and individual tuition, and my work is in a number of local galleries or available direct.


Zany Bowl (blue)

27cm Kilnformed glass £50


Winter trees

20cm Kilnformed glass £30

Reflections in landscape-JazztheAlchemist

Reflections in landscape

48cm x 30cm (with wooden stand) Kilnformed glass £180


Monnlight Fox

25cm x 25cm (framed) Kilnformed glass £70


Coastal bowl

27cm Kilnformed glass £50


Autumn vase

30cm Kilnformed glass £120


Glass poppy

15cm Kilnformed glass £25


Snowflake kit

(Make your own snowflake)
25cm Fused glass kit £28

Jazz the Alchemist