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A Pecker’s Tale


Alan - A Pecker's Tale

Watch the wonderful short animation by Stiv Rippengal and Felicity Price-Smith on the ELSTOAF broadcast on 28th December.

‘Alan – a Pecker’s Tale’ is an short stop-motion film about a woodpecker’s quest to find a new home following his tree being cut down. This is the second foray into animation from Felicity and Stiv, following success at the Hailsham Festival ‘3 Minute Flix’ in 2018. Their lack of ‘proper’ animation skills are made up for by an array of black pens, Photoshop, enthusiasm and a lot of spare time.

When not drawing woodpeckers, Stiv can be found behind the drumkit of Hastings garage punk band Thee Head Shrinkers as well as a number of other musical endeavours.

Aside from making ridiculous cartoons, Felicity is a graphic designer, illustrator and artist.

‘Alan – a Pecker’s Tale’ by Stiv Rippengal and Felicity Price-Smith will be shown on 28th Dec for ELSTOAF. Catch it here later.

Felicity Price-Smith

Stiv Rippengal