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Ben J Cottingham

Ben J Cottingham

I was fortunate to be able to study photography at school and have always enjoyed it. Having never invested in the switch to digital I have recently returned to explore film photography and find this approach more deliberate and tactile.

There are so many old film cameras available second-hand, I find it fascinating learning to use them and trying out new techniques. This leads me to use a variety of cameras and film formats with a variety of results.

All prints have been hand printed and finished at home using my recently set up a darkroom. They are printed 5”x7” gloss paper with a border. Other sizes are available on request.


All prints 7”x5” including border

£20 unframed plus postage

£25 framed (if available) plus postage

Artichoke by Ben J Cottingham


Seed head of a globe artichoke shot on Ferrania P30 film

Boathouse by Ben J Cottingham


View across the lake at Ashburnham Place shot on Ilford Orthochromatic film

Erith by Ben J Cottingham


Early morning at Erith shot on Ferrania P30 film

Freelens Leaf by Ben J Cottingham

Freelens Leaf

Taken with a freelens technique, holding the lens unmounted in front of the camera, shot on Ilford FP4 film

Leaf by Ben J Cottingham


Autumn leaf shot on Ilford Orthochromatic film

Lockdown Walks by Ben J Cottingham

Lockdown Walks

Double exposure of a local tree, familiar and unfamiliar.