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Compass Community Arts

Compass Community Arts

Compass Community Arts is a multidisciplinary arts community that is led by Social Arts Practitioners. As a charity, we exist to combat exclusion even at its most benign level.
We recognise that supporting access, practice and engagement in the arts strengthens a person’s sense of identity and ability to build relationships.
We feel that people are most empowered when given independence, responsibility and are at the ‘giving’ end of care and we wish for everyone, who upholds this vision, to afford the time to be creative in exchange for improving our environment and the lives of people in our environment.

We run a mix of workshops, some are led by specialist art practitioners and others are led by the participants and volunteers. Our spaces are always safe, supportive and compassionate and provide new direction and skills in people’s lives. Professional and non-professional artists seek to exhibit, perform and publish collectively.

Produced by Ben Somers and Josephine Davies

Singers: Helen and Nick Chisolm, Wayne Crowie, Emily Scarborough, Lettie Hancock, Aaron Stevenson, Daisy Stevenson (aged 6), Fenya Sharkey, Alia Hassan, Gwendoline Coates, Caroline Angella, Catherine Reilly

Sexton Ming’s Porridge Van is the third video in a series created for the ELSTOAF Broadcast.

You can hear more of Sexton Ming’s Porridge van on BANDCAMP


Compass Arts Christmas Singers

Fenya Sharkey

Blue House
Acrylic on paper

Cow by Lucy Calcott

Lucy Calcott

Pastel drawing on paper
A5 210x145mm

Leaping Deer Neil Akehurst

Neil Akehurst

Leaping Deer
Acrylic on Canvas
A4 297x210mm

Lines by Clive Jarman

Clive Jarman

Black and white image on fine art paper
A3 420x297mm

Robin Rebecca Cruden

Rebecca Cruden

Coloured drawing on paper
A4 210x297mm

Sailing Boat Michael Sugden

Michael Sugden

Sailing Boat
Acrylic on Canvas
A4 201x297mm

Stag Tim Dodd

Tim Dodd

Coloured drawing on paper
A2 590×420

Tawny Owl Janet Mazumdar

Janet Mazumdar

Tawny Owl
Acrylic on Canvas
A4 210x297mm