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Ylva Marianne Borre

Ylva Marianne Borre

I am a songwriter, producer and visual artist. I have just started the journey towards releasing my first album “CROWNLESS” as a fairytale told through poetry, artwork, videos and music in a genre I like to call “Industrial-Pixie-Pop”. There are 12 songs that with poetry, artwork and videos tell the story of Love Ylva and her journey through a magical world created by a wish she made as a girl ,with the fear of growing up.

This performance is part of chapter 1 of “CROWNLESS” where you see Love Ylva passing her time with singing herself lullabies and finding forgotten things, from the world she came from, popping up here and there.

The story is being continued/revealed and told on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Spotify, as @loveylva, where every song works as one chapter.

I was born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden, and was always surrounded by music and song. I realised back then that this wasn’t enough. I wanted something bigger. As a 20 year old I then moved to London to study vocals and songwriting and graduated with a bachelor degree from ICMP, to then move on to do a master in Live Art at UEL which I have just finished. And I am now based in Brighton to follow new adventures.

My story/fairytale about Love Ylva is told as a journey through her own world where she has to find herself and a courage to be herself through encounters with different trials and magical essences. And it is inspired by the thought of having to grow up, finding yourself and your individuality in a world that promotes a norm of being like everyone else.

Watch part 1 of CROWNLESS on the ELSTOAF live broadcast on 28th December

Ylva Borre CROWNLESS---album-cover
ylva borre COOKIES---cover-art
Ylva Borre Dancing
Ylva Borre I-Lay-My-Head-Down
Ylva Borre Forgotten Technologies
Ylva Borre From-A-Shooting-Star

Ylva Marianne Borre